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Introducing the Selkirk Pro S1 Pickleball Ball – a groundbreaking advancement in pickleball ball technology that marks a significant milestone in Selkirk's relentless pursuit of innovation. For nearly a decade, Selkirk has been at the forefront of revolutionizing paddle technology, and now, we bring the same commitment to elevate your playing experience with the Pro S1 Pickleball Ball. Patented Design for Consistency and Durability The Pro S1 Ball features a new, patented design aimed at providing players with a ball that ensures consistent flight, consistent bounce, and superior durability. With seamless rotomolding technology, the Pro S1 delivers a perfectly round and balanced ball, maintaining its shape during both indoor and outdoor play. This results in a ball that plays faster, spins with precision, and offers an extended play life. Unmatched Consistency for Total Control How a ball feels coming off the face of the paddle is crucial, and the Pro S1 Pickleball Ball puts you in complete control. This ball's consistent performance instills confidence, enabling you to execute the right shots at the right time during a match. Game Changing Aerodynamics for Optimal Performance Designed to outperform, the Pro S1 embodies advanced aerodynamics with its patented 38-hole pattern. This design ensures a consistent ball flight on every shot, providing players with the finesse, speed, and optimal spin they desire. The seamless construction of the Pro S1 truly sets it apart. Unrivaled Performance for Maximum Potential More than just a ball, the Pro S1 is another vehicle to help players reach their optimum potential. Aligned with Selkirk's mission of innovation and superior performance, the Pro S1 Pickleball Ball is a game-changer on the court. Specifications Number of Holes: 38 Weight: 0.93 oz Diameter: 2.8” USAP Approved
Meet the Selkirk Premium Paddle Case! Stylish and practical, this durable case easily fits all Selkirk paddle shapes. The outside features a signature "S" embedded into a sleek, pliable PU leather that you can store anywhere. An easy-access side zipper opens to reveal a thick, soft terry fabric interior that keeps your paddle safe, dry and at its best when it's time to perform.
The Selkirk Core Series Day Backpack is the perfect way to carry everything you need for a day of pickleball. Made from Selkirk’s durable +V11 Max Polyfiber Performance material, the Core Day Bag is both lightweight and protective. The spacious main compartment can comfortably fit up to 6 paddles, or a couple of paddles, balls, and extra clothing, while the padded front pocket provides a secure place for your phone and keys. Core Series Day Bag Product Specifications Bag Dimensions: W 13" x D 5" x H 16" +V11 Max Polyfiber Performance Material Good Size Main Compartment can fit up to 6 paddles Protected Laptop Sleeve - Fits 15" Laptop Internal Organizational Pocket for Small Items Padded Front Pocket for Small Items One Mesh Bottle Pocket Adjustable Strap System for Comfort and Stability Premium Selkirk Zippers
The SLK Latitude 2.0 offers a comfortable and accessible experience for new players. Experience the joy of pickleball with the Latitude 2.0, designed to make learning the game easy and enjoyable, ensuring a smooth and fun-filled journey on the court.
The Selkirk Core Series Team Bag is the perfect medium sized bag for pickleball players. We’ve taken the popular Tour Bag and streamlined it to give you the perfect medium sized bag. Made from Selkirk’s durable +V11 Max Polyfiber Performance material, the Core Team Bag is both lightweight and protective. This spacious main compartment can easily fit multiple paddles, balls, sweat towels, and other accessories so that you are well-equipped with everything you need for a day on the court. It also has a padded front pocket for small items, a hard EVA top with a cellphone pocket, and a clip for hanging on a fence. Core Series Team Bag Product Specifications Bag Dimensions: W 11" x D 11" x H 20.5" +V11 Max Polyfiber Performance Material Padded front pocket for small items Hard EVA top with cellphone pocket Clip for hanging on fence Large main compartment Protected laptop sleeve - Fits 15" Laptop 3 internal pockets with extra zippers to store small items Large mesh bottle pockets Strap System for ultimate comfort and stability Zipper pulls
The ultimate control paddle by SLK by Selkirk. Packed with a 16 mm core the EVO Control 2.0 will have a massive sweet spot, enormous amounts of control and a luxury playing experience. The EVO Control 2.0 face will be lined with G-8 Flex Carbon Fiber engineered for optimal control and a super-soft feel allowing you to command any court you step foot on. Paired with SLK's new innovative SpinFlex spin surface, designed for increased spin consistency and ball control. The EVO Control 2.0 Max will have a standard paddle shape, at 16'' in length and 7.85'' in width, making it a great pairing for almost any player! Along with a standard shape, this paddle will feature a standard 4 1/4'' SLK Ultra Comfort Grip for confidence in your hands and comfortability for all players. The Evo Control 2.0 Max will feature a standard handle length giving comfort to a wide range of players! This paddle weight ranges from 7.6 - 8.1 oz giving you the ultimate blend of control, feel, and power! Not only is this paddle designed for performance, SLK has brought 3 unique colorways so you can stand out on the court, more than just your play!
Product Features The Sling Bag The Holderness Family x SLK Sling Pickleball Bag features a spacious main compartment, a dedicated paddle-protection compartment, and a pocket for your wallet, phone, and other essentials. The SLK Atlas Delivering a soft, reliable, and consistent feel, the SLK Atlas combines high-value with high-performance, to put you in complete control of your game. Let’s play Pickleball, Y’all! Lightweight Engineering: Weighing in at 7.5oz, The Holderness Family x SLK Atlas Pickleball paddle provides the ideal balance between a light and medium weight paddles, perfect for the next generation of Pickleball players. G5 Control Graphite Face: Built to deliver ultimate control, the G5 Control Graphite Face ensures a super soft feel that puts you in total control of the game. Polymer Rev-Core+: Reliable, proven technology pairs with a large sweet spot to deliver a consistent hit and feel on every play. SLK Ultra-Comfort Grip: Designed for a confident hold, the SLK cushioned grip is ultra-comfortable and non-slip. USAPA Approved: Fully compliant with all USAPA requirements for tournament play, The Holderness Family x SLK Atlas is a go-to choice for Pickleball programs, tournaments, gym practice, and everyday play.
The SLK Halo is an exceptional choice for players ranging from beginners to professionals who prioritize exceptional spin and control on the court.
The Selkirk Core Series Tour Backpack is the ultimate pickleball bag for pickleball players looking for a versatile and reliable bag that can hold everything you need for a day on the courts. Made from Selkirk’s durable +V11 Max Polyfiber Performance material, the Core Tour Bag is both lightweight and protective. Not only does this backpack have a spacious main compartment and a dedicated place for your paddles, it has a clip for hanging on the fence, a ventilated shoe compartment that separates them from the rest of your gear, large mesh side pockets, and an insulated thermal food and drink pouch to store your court snacks. Bag Specifications and Features Bag Dimensions: W 14" x D 11" x H 20.5" +V11 Max Polyfiber Performance Material Padded top grab handle Hard EVA top with cellphone pocket Large main compartment Easy access through top and front Padded front pocket for small items Clip for hanging on fence Dedicated paddle pouch holds two paddles Protected laptop sleeve — Fits 15” Laptop 3 internal pockets with extra zippers to store small items Food and drink pouch with thermal Insulation Ventilated Shoe Compartment Strap System for ultimate comfort and stability EVA back padding Zipper pulls
The LUXX Control Air Series Where Control Reigns Supreme For the past several years the central focus in the Pickleball industry has been developing power paddles, leaving the control paddle sector massively underserved. Selkirk recognizes that the majority of Pickleball players are actually looking for the ultimate control paddle, and has spent countless hours researching, developing, and testing control paddles in order to give the community what they are looking for. The result is the Luxx Control Air—the ultimate control paddle for balanced Pickleball players and the answer to the neglected needs of all those who favor finesse over brute force.
The ultimate control paddle for balanced Pickleball players. The Luxx Control Air, endorsed by Jack Sock, introduces transformative Florek Carbon Fiber technology alongside Selkirk’s revered 20mm X7 Thikset Honeycomb core, proprietary 360° Proto Molding construction, and enhanced Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless technology, to bring you an expanded sweet spot, ample power, accelerated spin, and unequaled control.
The Power Air Series The optimal paddle for power and spin. A culmination of over two years of Research & Development, in partnership with top Pickleball pros, the VANGUARD Power Air addresses the need for both power and spin. As professional Pickleball became increasingly focused on power and spin over the past 2 years, the larger community discovered the benefits of power and spin, especially when it comes to dominating opponents. VANGUARD Power Air technology was developed to champion these players and provide a paddle that enables full control of the court, with performance power and maximum spin. While edgeless technology has been around for several years, Selkirk is committed to introducing many new performance innovations to edgeless paddles. The Power Air focuses on durability, offers an elevated feel, complete with a polymer honeycomb core, and is the power paddle the Pickleball community has been asking for.
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