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Description Maybe your right arm is stronger than your left; maybe your body tilts east when you really wanna go west; or maybe your personal gyroscope hasn’t worked since the ’90s. Whatever the case, the inability to paddle your recreational kayak in a straight line makes your experience on the water, well, challenging. Not to worry. We solved that problem with the Santee 116, a rec kayak that’s easy to paddle in a straight line! The Swede form design makes it simple (and fun and rewarding and spirit-lifting) to get from point A to point B . . . without wandering to all points in-between. You can toss enough gear in the ample rear hatch for a serious day trip, hit a river or lake or coastal inlet, and cut a smooth steady trail across the water. As a bonus, you won’t tear a rotator cuff putting the 116 on your roof rack because it tips the scales at a svelte 38 pounds. (Spoiler alert ? the Santee 116 won’t fight you when you paddle. It’ll work with you, so you’ll end up having a blast.) Features Bulkheads, ABS Plastic, Bow & Stern: Provide positive flotation Hatches: 10” Stern provides storage compartment access Bow & Stern Deck Bungee: Provide storage for dry bag & gear Paddle Holder: Secures paddle to deck Security Bar: Cable lock your boat to the car or in storage Outfitting: AireStream seat and foam thigh pads Twist loc footbrace system: Easy adjustment from seated position Luggage Grab Handle, Bow & Stern: Comfortable grip when carrying kayak during portage
Overview There are certain products in this world that just flat nail it when it comes to meeting the publics expectations. The Santee 116 Sport offers outstanding stability without sacrificing the ability to turn easily and track well. The Swede-form design, coupled with the crisp entry lines of the Santee 116 Sport bow, make this kayak more efficient than other kayaks in its class. This means you will cruise the rivers, backwaters and lakes with less effort, while still feeling stable and comfortable. The Santee 116 has front and rear hatches with sealed bulkheads for superior floatation and convenient storage for your day tripping. With an impressive 17 inches longer in the opening than the original Santee 116, you can put fly rod tubes, tripods and other outdoor tools of play in the cockpit with you. Even the right dog can ride in there, too. More impressive is that the Santee 116 Sport weighs in at a scant 35 lbs - that's probably less than the backpack you carry with you on hiking trips! Ideal use for the Santee 116 Sport is day touring in quiet coastal waters and larger lakes and is a pleasure to paddle. AireStream Seat and Thigh Pads Twist Loc Footbrace System Deck Storage for dry bag & gear
The New Hurricane Santee 110 Sport is a super stable, lightweight kayak with excellent tracking and stylish aesthetics. Designed with a hard-chined hull for superior performance, a generous sport cockpit for easy entry and exit, a 10-inch hinge hatch for enhanced gear access, and a comfortable Ultimate Frame Seat, the Santee 110 is performance paddling in a relaxed package. The super comfy frame seat simply clips into a mounted bracket under the deck, so it's easy to install before you hit the water and easy to remove when it's time to load and go home. 38 lbs. Length: 11' Width: 27" Cockpit: 55" x 24" Capacity: 278 lbs. Stern Bulkhead, ABS Plastic: Provides flotation and storage 10-inch Stern Hinge Hatch: Storage compartment access Bow and Stern Deck Bungee: Storage for dry bag and gear Paddle Holder Security Bar: Cable lock your boat to the car or in storage Outfitting: First Class Frame Seat and foam thigh pads Twist-Loc Footbrace System Molded Grab Handles 55-inch XL Cockpit: Easy entry and exit, accommodates small child or pet
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